Inventors Workshop


Explore many inventions of our ancestors as far back as the 1800s that showcase how intelligent ancient humans were!

Explore antique electronics going back to 1910, including the first Spark Gap Telegraph, the Wireless Telegraph, collectible radios, and computers. Many examples up until the 1980s. Highlighted too; is Peter Langlo’s collection of 1920s radios of which he has donated several to the museum. Other Christian inventors and discoverers will also be featured starting with Sir Isaac Newton.

“Life-Changing Events” – Inventions of the last 100 years. Many things we take for granted today were inventions that changed the world. At the museum, we will highlight some of them. There are many hands-on activities for all ages.

We highlight R. J. LeTourneau who was a Christian businessman who moved dirt for a living. Tired of the old ways, he built the original earth mover that we see today at construction sites.

Activities to Enhance Experiential Learning

  • Experience physics with life-size levers and pulleys
  • Design a real-life electrical board that powers a morse code sender
  • Create your own invention out of upcycled materials

Experience Biblically Based Creation Science

Educational Goals of the Exhibit:

  • Kids see that they themselves can be inventors
  • They learn steps to take to bring their ideas to fruition