dinosaur mysteries the secret life and times


Are Dinosaurs found in the Bible? Top 10 Dinosaurs living today. Scientific evidence that Dinosaurs lived into the present day. Five are found in the Bible.

Did Dinosaurs miss the Boat? Were they on Noah’s Ark? What was the average size of the animals on the Ark? View a ¾ inch to the foot partial Ark model and find 15 hidden things that Noah would “not” have taken with him. What would you take on the Ark to start civilization after the Flood?

Be a paleontologist and dig and record dinosaur bones in the 8 x 75-foot-long dinosaur dig. The best-simulated dinosaur dig on the California Central Coast.

Tour the “Bone Room” and see dinosaur bones and replicas. Many were dug by Dakota Mac and his teams over an 18-year period in the Dakota Badlands.

The Bible is a history book written to show God’s plan for humankind. However, it does contain historical scientific material that we can use to understand the physical world we live in.

Activities to Enhance Experiential Learning

  • Floor puzzles – Dinosaur Apatosaurus 30 feet long, Metoposaur (giant Salamander) 12 feet long, foam Pterodactyl 12-foot wingspan, Kronosaurus 30 feet long
  • 3D puzzles – T Rex 6 feet tall, Apatosaurus 8 feet long, Mammoth 9 feet tall and 12 feet long, a Triped Chinese Dinosaur 20 feet long described by Marco Polo in 1275 AD
  • Play the “Load the Ark” Game

Experience Biblically Based Creation Science

Educational Goals of the Exhibit:

  • Show dinosaurs that Native Americans have a record of. See replica examples from the book “Mystery of the Indian Effigy Mounds and Petroglyphs” by Russ McGlenn 
  • Students can touch and handle dinosaur bone replicas such as a 4-foot long Hadrosaur hip bone (Femur)
  • How could the 30-foot-long neck of the biggest apatosaurus found (Titanosaurs, Argentina, 120 feet long) lift blood to the brain? We will compare the Apatosaurus Long Neck anatomy to the Giraffe
  • How could the Pterodactyl, with a 40-foot wingspan, get sufficient blood to its wings? We will compare the giant Pterodactyl anatomy to the Bat. See a full-sized Pterodactyl replica hanging in our museum – Neck 18 feet long, wingspan 40 feet wide. Why are its bones similar to humans?